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The Real Church

  On day two of our Guatemalan adventure we went on house visits. Out of the 23 of us we were divided into 4 groups so we didn’t over whelm the families we were visiting. My group first went to…

So it Begins!!

We are excited to have teams from Wisconsin and Florida here with us this week! Both groups have shared their anticipation for the week that lies ahead. We’ve already began diving into some awesome conversations with some of the participants…

The Photo Journey

Ever wonder what a trip here in Guatemala looks like? Well, let me take you on a short journey to see what we did on this three day trip. Meet the team… Great looking team right? Well I think so!…

A Twisted Mess

Building a home in the Guatemala city dump community will leave you a twisted mess. Leaving for Guatemala I was busy, stretched and frazzled. The to-do list of managing properties, answering emails, and conquering weekly ministry goals had left me…

Love Requires Action

Here’s a video from our teammate, Ainsley Eure! She depicts her trip from beginning to end.                           Click the link and check it out!