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Photo Blog- Individual Adult Missions Team in Antigua

I had an amazing time leading a missions team in Antigua this month!

We spent the week serving with a ministry called Nueva Generacion which teaches biblical values in schools all around Guatemala City and the Antigua area and creates discipleship groups to equip and send young people to disciple others in all parts of the world. We were able to join a discipleship group, teach values classes and work with many of their ministry connections throughout the week.

The team in our ministry host’s mini-school bus, Nissi.

Photo Credit: Joe Fields

The team came from all over the United States and Canada to follow God’s call to go serve. The entire week I was blown away by the gifts and talents on the team. Everyone’s experiences and gifts came together for each ministry day. They resembled the Body of Christ so well to me!

Day 1 – Grandpa’s Home and Cerebral Palsey Hospital

Our first morning we went to a lookout point over Antigua called Cerro de la Cruz (in english, hill of the cross). We had a great time of prayer over the week of ministry.


We then divided into teams to visit with people at an elderly home and a hospital for children and young adults with cerebral palsy and similar conditions.

The group I was in went to the Grandpas’ Home first. First we had a quick tour of the place and then spent some time talking with the residents. I played cards with a couple of ladies and we made up a game of matching cards. 

We then folded laundry to help with the workload for the day. 

Looks more like I’m just talking!

Photo Credit: Luckner Jean-Baptiste

After lunch my group went to a hospital to visit children and young adults who have cerebral palsy and similar conditions. It was hard, but it was a great ministry. We could see how well the staff cared for them. They enjoyed each visitor, showing us such big smiles.

Day 2 – Orphanage and House Visits

Our second day, we went to an orphanage in San Lucas. We spent the first couple hours playing with the kids. When another group of kids came home from school, our team put together a program for them, focusing on a theme of love overcoming fear. It included a musical skit about Jonah, an object lesson about what to do when afraid, and a craft with crowns and necklaces to remind them they are children of the King. 

Photo Credit: Luckner Jean-Baptiste

After the children’s program, we went to a neighboring town of Antigua, Santa Maria. It is a poorer area. We split into groups and went house to house to get to know the families and share testimonies and scripture as well as a care bag.

 One woman showed us how she makes the fabric for Guatemalan backpacks.

Day 3 – Values Class/Sports at School in Guatemala City

On our third day of ministry, we had a full day at a school in Guatemala City. Part of our team put together a lesson on honoring God and others with our time. One of our team members happen to be a Spanish-speaking teacher (how awesome!) Another did a great object lesson which showed the importance of prioritizing time for what really matters. Another member played the violin to show the importance of using your time to sharpen your skills and gifts.

When she told the class that she was deaf, their mouths dropped in amazement. She then explained that because of the love of Jesus, she can play violin. In order to improve her craft she must practice every day. It was a great lesson!

Meanwhile, another team member taught kids how to play ultimate Frisbee, which was a hit!

Photo Credit: Carmella Pyanoe

Day 4 – Childrens’ ministry at elementary school and values class high school

For our final day of ministry, we went to this small community two hours away from Antigua. Because it is so far away, the school doesn’t receive much help from the government and doesn’t see a lot of missions teams. When we first heard about this opportunity, we were expecting 200-300 kids. The day before we arrived we were informed that there would actually be closer to 500 kids! Thankfully, we had a second team join us.

When we entered the school gates, we all wondered if we would be able to create order. The kids were running around, excited to be out of class. They formed in crowds around us, curious as to what we were going to do. The leader for this ministry in our team stepped up and began assigning activity stations to each member of our team. She and the others on the ministry team began the program on the stage with songs. We had some talented singers on the team! 

Photo Credit: Joe Fields

The crowd singing Lift Jesus Higher, Higher!

We then split up into about 10-12 activity stations and played games and taught music and crafts to groups of kids. 

After the school day was over for the kids, we went to a high school not far away. The values lesson team taught their well-practiced lesson on time once again and others from the team played games with the kids during their PE class.

At the end of the second values class several people came out with teary eyes. I later heard how one of our members had followed the Holy Spirit’s leading and sang His Eye is on the Sparrow beautifully. They told me how they and the whole class was moved.

Day 5 – Fun day

For our off day, we split into two groups once again! Some of the team hiked a volcano, while the others went to a coffee plantation to take a tour and go zip lining. 

Photo Credit: Joe Fields