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The Photo Journey

Ever wonder what a trip here in Guatemala looks like?

Well, let me take you on a short journey to see what we did on this three day trip.

Meet the team…

Great looking team right? Well I think so! Last year some of this group was hear in Guatemala and the Lord placed it on their hearts to build a home for someone, so we contacted Potters House to get things set up. This group spent a few months raising the funds for the home and then they got to come finish it up. Lets take a look at som of the work they did while they where here!




 This is Malaina, I am pretty sure she was in her happy place as she always had a smile on her face!




I Like to describe plastering a wall as frosting a cake, its a similar concept, put the softer texture on the harder one and then smooth it out. 




After plastering we finished up the house by painting. In the end that house looked really good! The team only had two and a half days to do all the work on this house, they really stepped up to the task of getting in and working hard. I really loved how they always had joy in what they were doing.






In the mist of finishing up the house we also got to do VBS, House Visits, and some of the group sponsors children through Potters House, so we got to visit with their kids, pray with them, and just spend some quality time with them. 


 One of the kids at VBS used my camera to show us some of her friends, unfortunately she did not know how to use my camera very well and kept getting her thumb in the way. Oh well, we tried.

Playing games with the kids is always a fun time. These kids are full of so much life and joy, It was a blessing to hang out with them for the afternoon.





Sponsor child visits:


I love seeing how this group constantly is pouring into the people around them. Each of them made the decision on past trips to sponsor a child and help give them hope for a brighter future.




Here they are praying together, what a beautiful and wonderful moment.







This last moment was one of my favorites… the one where we dedicated the house and prayed over the family who was receiving the house. Throughout our time working on the home, the family would come and work along side of us, they are proud of this beautiful new home they were receiving. There were lots of stories shared, tears shed, and lots of lovely laughter. It was such a blessing and honor to serve with this team and to serve this amazing family.


Thanks for reading our blog! Maybe this sparked something in you to come on a trip to Guatemala, we pray if it has that you will get signed up on a trip and come with us. Your journey is happening right now and a new adventure might just be awaiting you!