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Experience in Gautemala

Our first mission location was the Cerebral Palsy Hospital. Going in, it was quite intimidating. We were taken on a tour of the hospital and then led to the children’s area. There was a small outdoor courtyard covered in green carpet. Around the courtyard were dozens of children with various volunteers and workers scattered about. Soon we were given instructions and then left to play with the children. Some jumped right in while others were more reluctant, I was a part of the latter group. I did not really want to engage with a child unless someone else was there as well. After a while however, I began to move around by myself. I played with balls, blew bubbles, and wheeled the children around in their wheelchairs. By the time I was done I realized what a great experience it was for me, and how cool it was to see the joy in the children’s eyes. 

Our group visited six homes on the 3rd day we were in Guatemala. The family situations varied from family to family but most were very poor. All the families welcomed us into their homes with open arms and offered us gifts, even though they had so little. They were so willing to tell us their stories as well. A lot of the stories were extremely heartbreaking. When our time was over with each family we would pray together for the members of the family. The whole experience was extremely eye opening and it was extremely refreshing to see the pure faith that they had in the Lord. 

Overall this experience has been an enrichment in my life and for the members of my group as we visited an orphanage, schools, and did house visits. Each person made a difference in my life and the way that I see myself. I hope we did the same for the people that we met. I was grateful for the opportunity to spread love and help others. Seeing everyone’s smiles brought warmth to my heart. This is an experience that will be remembered forever. 

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