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See for Yourself

You never know what you’re going to find on a mission trip. Or what you’re going to do. Or what you’re going to eat. 

It’s always a risk to go. But isn’t that the point? We show up with open hands and growing trust and we say yes. Yes to each discovery, each task, and each meal. We give it all we’ve got, and we come out better for it in the end.

Below is a glimpse of what the week looked like through participants Leigh Anne Westra and Alissa Gallaher…


Greeting the Jungle School students with encouragement

Participant Andrew Minner sharing a testimony with the students during the morning devotional

Sitting down for a meal; the food was amazing!


Helping the students create art projects to send to their sponsors

A group of participants who bravely volunteered to help chop jungle wood as the property seeks to expand to provide more services for the local community

Participants Madi Davis, Danielle Shover, Andrew Helwig, and out interpreter Ivette working hard on producing packages for an upcoming teaching conference hosted by the Jungle Scool

Participant Taylor Sheffield giving gifts to two sweet boys in a children’s home we visited

Participant Leigh Anne Westra coloring together with a precious girl in the hospital during our hospital visit rotation

Our Adventure Day Activity: participants hiking el Volcán de Pacaya and roasting marshmallows at the top!


So, there it is: a glimpse of what ministry could look like in a world far away. Lives were shaped and hearts were changed and bridges were built between cultures, world views, and languages. 

The world is crying out for an answer to hopelessness and the invitation is wide open. We are all called to be His hands and feet, and it is Him alone who qualifies us. (Check out Hebrews 13:20-21.)

Pray about joining us next summer. Come and see for yourself.