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A Pleasant Surprise

Here is Emilie Boland. She came to Guatemala to help impact lives; to her surprise she discovered the greatest impact was in her own life… 



      Emilie during children’s ministry                                  Emilie and her team during a house visit


“God used my time in Guatemala to change my life. No exaggeration. During this trip, I learned I am a child of God, He will always love me, He’ll never abandon me, and that the power He wants to display through us is incredibly strong. He wants us to demonstrate His power so others may know His love.

One of the biggest lessons I learned was how to hear the voice of the Lord. For a long time I felt as though He didn’t want to talk to me or that I wasn’t worthy of hearing His voice. But this trip changed this false belief. During ministry times, He spoke to me directly. He told me exactly where to go and what to say when ministering to people in the market. 

I’m thankful this is something I can do in my everyday life, not just in a foreign country! I am thankful God brought me to this country with this AIM group. They are now apart of my testimony!”


                                                                               ~ Emilie