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Beauty for Ashes

“Beauty For Ashes”

By Whitney Dickerson 


We are just ordinary women who have an extraordinary God. We don’t have super powers or magic; just The Lord and a willing heart. We are not the lies that we tell ourselves. We are worthy. Through Him, we are made whole. We are fearfully and wonderfully made, we are bold, strong, courageous, and free. We are children of God and together, we are family.


He has taken each of our ashes and turned them into beauty. Everything has been made beautiful in it’s time. Our hurt and struggles have been made into testimonies of faith. We find strength in our weaknesses. We are over comers.


We have fit our lives into God’s will instead of trying to fit Him into our lives. Through the darkness, we have found light. Through the struggles, we have found our identity. Through the confusion, we have found connection. Through the lies, we have found truth. The truth is that God is alive. He is alive and working on each of our hearts. He is creating beautiful beginnings from devastating ends.


He IS the beauty among our ashes.